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List of Former Courts

Fives Meets Fashion

A Fives Song (1902)

Fives on Test Match Special

Michael Portillo Plays Fives At Malay College

Nether Say Nether Again by Tom Griffiths

The Oldest Fives Film Footage?

The Hamburg Fives Experience by John Reynolds

Fives As Art In Germany by John Reynolds

Paume Truths From Abroad

The Latest Trend In Stag Dos

1001 Different Ways To Use A Fives Court: Leif Erikson

The Big Interview: Mike Hughes

World Cup Glory For Team GB

May 2018 Conference and Common Room

James Toop and Fives in the TES

The Big Interview: Chris Davies

New Courts Discovered In India

Red Bull Film Goes Live

A Long Way From Paume

Westward Ho! The Old Citizens Tour of Wales and the West Country 2017 by John Reynolds

Fives at Auckland Grammar School

Sept 2014: The Only Way is Asia - EFA coaches trip to Malaysia

July 2014: A Night At The Opera - the Fives court at Glyndebourne

A ball in the compost pit and other tales: A look into the history of the College courts of Cambridge

Fives "causes swearing, fighting, quarreling and much wickedness" 

Dec 2013: Fives in Nigeria - article in the Economist

Boxing, Betting and Drinking: The Recipe for Fives Success! by Eustace Miles 1903

Why Eton Fives is a civilised - and civilising - game by John Reynolds

"Some Reflections on the Game of Eton Fives" by Jack Peterson

March 2011: Fives in the Wall Street Journal

March 2010: Fives in the Telegraph

Peter May – A Sporting Legend

Now you can play Fives without going to Eton by Ed Saunt, Kensington & Chelsea Chronicle 2010

November 2009: Eton game spreads to inner cities - Reuters

This is Tale of a Wife of Fives...

Fives – the Olympic Dream? by Giles Coren

The genius of Kenneth Gandar-Dower

Fives at KEHS - Birmingham Mail

Fives in the Himalayas - St.Paul's School, Darjeeling

Channel Five Features Eton Fives

Fives in New Zealand by Charles Lamb

Ipswich Fives Centenary Celebrations

Batty About Fives - Bat Fives

Fives on the BBC - April 2007

Tim Dowling Tries Eton Fives - Article from The Guardian 2006

A Victorian Leisure Centre - the Fives court at Jersey Marine

For the Fun of the Game - A tribute to Richard Field, 2005

Oakham Centenary

Fives in Jersey

Eccentric Sport Moves into the Inner City - Article by David Milliken for Reuters, 2003

They Think It's All Over - Robin Mason

Squash Court Fives

Fives Goes Travelling - CUEFC in Switzerland, 2000

Ramblings in Retirement by David Guilford

Torry Hill's 75th Anniversary

Fives at High Elms by Alan Chadwick

Warminster and West Country Fives by Tony Baden Fuller

Old Salopians 50th

Fives at Berkhamsted 1880-1997 by Bertie Owen and Derek Whitehead

A Court at Pinner 

Portugal Place - RIP

1995 European Handball Championships by Tony Hughes

A Visit to Malay College, 1994 by Dale Vargas

The Eccentric Sport of Eton Fives by David Hunn, Sunday Times 1994

Old Olavians Fives Club: A precis of the early history 1928-1971 by Jim Biggs

Ipswich Fives: Early History to the Opening of the New Court in 1992 by Mike Fenn

Fives in Wales and Ireland by Peter Knowles

Fives at Harrow 1863-1991 by Dale Vargas

150 Years of Fives at Eton

25 Years of Fives at the Zuoz Fives Club Zurich

Alhaji Ahmadu Bello: The Sarduana of Sokoto

Shrewsbury World Record by Robin Field

Visit of the Katsina Fives Club to England March 1989 by Richard Tyler & Tony Hughes

Tour of Nigeria by Richard Tyler & Tony Hughes

Highgate School and Old Cholmeleians: 100 Years of Fives by Peter Knowles

Geelong Tour 1987/88 by Tony Hughes

A Kangaroo at Queen's - The Queen's Club Story 1886-1986

Tennis, Rackets and Other Ball Games by Mike Garnett, 1986

Eton & Harrow: A Hundred Years of Fives

My Years at Cambridge 1929-1933 by TE Manning

Extract from "Boy, Tales of Childhood" by Roald Dahl

An American Handballer's view of Fives by Barry Rubin 1983

The Hill Club's 1982 and 1984 Continental Tours

Tony Hughes & Gordon Campbell - from Midland Times c1976

Fives in the Telegraph 1969

A trip down memory lane - the EFA tour of Nigeria in 1965

1961 Eton College Tour of Nigeria

The Craft of the Ball Maker by John Armitage 1933

The Fascination of Eton Fives - from The Times, 1931

A Song of Fives by AC Ainger