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EFA Activator Coaching Course

26/09/23: The EFA will be running an Eton Fives Activator coaching course at Westway Sports Centre on Saturday 14th October from 2-5pm.

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"How to Play and Coach Eton Fives"

Written by eleven-time national champion John Reynolds, "How to Play and Coach Eton Fives" is the definitive guide to playing the sport. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player wishing to play to a higher level or a coach seeking advice on teaching people to play, this is the book for you.

Copies are available for £15 plus UK p&p £5 from EFA Secretary Gareth Hoskins. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.

Activator Course Activated

31/01/22: The first ever EFA Coaching Activator course took place at Shrewsbury on Friday, as coaches from St.Bees, Wolverhampton and Rydal were put through their paces.

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Dec 2014: Level 1 Coaching Course Up and Running

Mark Yates reports:

The first ever Level 1 Award in Coaching Fives started at Wolvehampton GS on Saturday 13 December. Staff and senior players from Rydal Penrhos, Colwyn Bay, and senior players from WGS, combined forces to kick off a very enjoyable day. Mixing time in the classroom and sessions on court, all 10 participants have made a fantastic start to their Fives coaching careers. We're looking forward to seeing more Level 1 coaches being brought through at other Fives centres in 2015.

Fives Coaching Courses

The EFA regularly holds Level 2 Fives coaching courses for experienced Fives coaches. We are also able to offer advice to any school or centre wishing to run Level 1 courses. For further information, please CONTACT US

Coaching Corner: Return of Cut

Ever wanted to know how to return cut like John Reynolds and Seb Cooley? CLICK HERE to find out how...

John Reynolds has produced a video about the return of cut in Eton Fives, probably the most important and difficult part of the game.

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Training Day for Coaches

Paul Bowden reports:

09/01/17: On Sunday 8th January Howard Wiseman ran a four hour training session for those fairly new to Fives coaching in schools.

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Sep 2011: REFCA Ladies Coaching Day

Dom Redmond reports:

On Sunday 25th September REFCA ran its first ever Ladies Fives coaching day. This idea was well received and had a good attendance of 16 ladies from a variety of different clubs such as Westway, Emanuel, Old Westminsters, The Marlborough club, Old Olavians, Cambridge University, Oxford University, North Oxford and Ipswich School. It was great to see new players Vicky Westwood and Carrie Walk, who came down from Marlborough having recently started to play at a club night at Marlborough College.

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