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May 2011: Malik and Woods win at Aldenham

Bob Pace reports:

The 2011 Heath Tournament was played on Sunday 22 May under (sometimes) sunny skies. The competitors ranged in age from the veterans like Martin Lindsay, James Fredenham and Richard Dennis to the decidedly young faced Carl Rennie and Simon Turpin, so making the competition an agreeable mix of ages and experience. Most competitors were members of the Aldenham Club but Gareth Hoskins and Courtney Friend were welcome guests.

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Geneva Tournament 2011

Filippo Variola reports:

On 11th and 12th June we played our traditional Fives Tournament, as usual together with the students from the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz; Curt Schmitt came over with Jessica Rees, Katharina Kuenburg, Sophia Florineth, Christine Beck, Antonia Eichelberg, Mark Jetzer, Daniel Weder, Marc Tavra and Artem Glebovskiy.

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May 2011: Ladies End of Season Fives Festival

Emily Scoones reports:

The first ever Ladies Festival Day was held at Eton on the 15th of May. This new individual competition was to celebrate the growth and improvement of the Ladies’ game within the Fives world. The field was split into two groups so that less experienced players were always paired with a more experienced one. Each round saw the partners rotated so by the end of round 8 each person had played with everyone from the other group and against everyone else in their group.

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Summer 2011: Scholars and Rogues at Berkhamsted

Anthony Theodossi reports:

The fourth instalment of the in-house Berkhamsted version of the Turnbull Trophy took place at the end of term. The brainchild of Doug Foster, the tournament has played a big role in keeping players involved in the game and also introducing members of staff to the delights of playing Fives. This year's tournament was a huge success with 24 pairs competing, our highest entry to date; both the skill and sportsmanship displayed in many of the matches were to a very high standard.

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2010/11 Fivesonline end of season awards

For the first time ever, the team at Fivesonline are proud to present their end of season awards. A distinguished panel of Fives experts has debated long and hard to come up with the following roll of honour:

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2010/11 Club Reports

Read on to see all the EFA club reports from the 2010/11 season...

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May 2011: Cox/Reynolds court finds a new home

The Cox/Reynolds prototype Fives court has found a new home in Sussex at the home of the Shawcross family. The first game on the court in its new location was played last week between Nigel Cox, John Reynolds, Roman Heindorff and Conrad Shawcross (pictured)

2010/11 School Reports 

See below to see all the EFA school reports and photos from the 2010/11 season...

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2011 Veterans Tournament: Rolling back the years

Graham Pulsford reports:

The twenty seventh Veterans Tournament was held on Sunday 1st May at Eton College in glorious sunshine. Prince William and Catherine had just been married and the Arsenal footballers finally roused themselves enough to beat Manchester United.

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