The Oldest Fives Film Footage?

John Reynolds reports:

02/12/19: This dates from 1937, and is of Fives being played at the Institut Montana in Zugerberg in Switzerland.

This describes itself as a Swiss-International Boarding School, established in 1926, less than one hour south of Zurich.

The film is of a few seconds of fives – described as a very ancient English game – being played in two open-air courts. The Institut Montana had four Eton fives courts until at least 15 years ago when current Kinnaird champion Seb Cooley, then a teacher at the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz, made a visit to the school to play upon them. He found two in playable condition and two dilapidated. The school has since mislaid the courts and nobody there even knows where they might have been sited.

The film – which forms part of a marketing film for the school – has very kindly been supplied by the school’s head of external relations, Velia Tricoli, after she had it extracted from a marketing film.