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2003 Aldenham Tournament

Graham Pulsford reports:

At 10.30 on a warm and sunny spring morning the competitors were ready. (All but two, who were transporting a barrel of Scholey's Finest Ale from the car park to the courtside). The line up included a combination of Heath regulars and specially invited guest players. This year's first timers were Trevor Barton (Aldenhamian) and Pete Scholey (Edwardian).

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2003 Ladies Championships

Anthony Theodossi reports:

Well with Howard's new baby in the picture now, he was desperate to get someone to run the Ladies Championship and so it fell to me (a mistake he will not repeat). The tournament was played at the new Fives courts at the Westway. The tournament was to start at 11:00am and with only one lady there at 10:50 I was worried man, but thankfully everyone arrived at 10:55 and we had a total of six pairs taking part in the competition.

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2003 Veterans Tournament

Graham Pulsford and Jo Seelig report:

A cool May day at Eton saw twelve pairs contest this enjoyable highlight of the Fives calendar. Familiar faces predominated, including defending champions and winners for the past three hundred years, Graham Pulsford and Neil Margerison. But this year it was good to welcome a goodly number of 'new' veterans including Colin Spurrell, Jim Pitts, John Cooley, Dave Goad, Phil Lyndon, James Oliver, Andrew Fraser and the powerful combination of Mike Hughes and Peter Scholey.

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2003 Aberconway Cup

Mike Fenn reports:

The Thirteenth Championship contained five new pairs contributing to over half the entry. Some eight Clubs/Schools were represented with players from Eton, Shrewsbury, Highgate, King Edward's, City of London, Lancing, St Olave's and Goddington. Several regulars were absent due to injury with one or two fathers hanging up their gloves whilst others were unable to enter due to sons abroad or away at University. With five further potential newcomer pairs in the wings and some eighteen others still playing the potential for next year is enormous.

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2002/03 Keeling Cup

Richard Tyler reports:

The individual Tournament produced some very close matches this year and a nail biting climax at Ludgrove at the end of March. Twelve matches produced no less than three five game matches and a 2-2 draw at Westway when the lights went out! Ed Wass and Richard Tyler were each involved in three out of four of these games and so were forced to work hard for their tournament points.

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Kinnaird Cup 2003


We had an extremely disappointing entry this year at only eighteen pairs which meant that we dispensed with Eton on the Saturday and went straight into a knockout competition on Sunday 6th April including the six seeded pairs.

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2003 Prep Schools' Tournament

Gerald Barber reports:

The Tournament returned to Eton this year where took to the courts. There was as wide a range of standard as ever, but much enjoyment was had by all. It is so good to see boys so obviously improving their game as the day wears on.

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2003 Mixed Championships

Olly Cooley reports:

The mixed competition began, as many Fives tournaments seem to, late. Most of the players who had arrived at the Westway either had a partner in the ongoing Ladies' final, or simply preferred to watch it.

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2003 EFA Trophy

T Walters reports:

After a clash with another fixture, the date of the EFA trophy had to be rearranged at the last minute this year. The EFA and the Master i/c of Fives at Eton do appologise to all the club captains who made the effort to organise teams, and then had to reorganise them at the last minute. As a result of this re-jigging, four teams arrived on Sunday 2nd March to compete in the event, as opposed to the scheduled eight.

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