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Health & Safety on Court

Cautionary Advice

Fives is a physical sport and injuries can and do occur from time to time.

Players play Fives at their own risk, however, the ETON FIVES ASSOCIATION brings your attention to the following measures you should take to minimise risk to yourself and others whilst playing Fives.

1. You should read and be acquainted with the Laws of the Game and follow safe practices when playing the game.

2. Fives is an energetic game and you should be well and healthy before you consider playing. In particular players should ensure they are free of potentially fatal diseases such as coronary heart disease.

3. Warm up muscles and hands before starting vigorous play so as to avoid strains and bruises. Warming down after play is recommended to provide additional protection and avoid muscle stiffness.

4. Standard sports equipment such as Fives gloves should be used to minimise risk of physical injury.

5. Wear appropriate shoes with a good level of grip (e.g. trainers) and ensure shoe laces are properly laced and tied so as to avoid slipping and tripping.

6. Have a bottle of water available and avoid dehydration.

7. Do not play if under the influence of alcohol.

8. Do not play if the floor is slippery or there is debris on the court. Be aware that slipperiness can be caused by condensation and the courts sweating.

9. Ensure there is adequate light to be able to see the ball.

10. Watch the ball and the player about to strike the ball so as to anticipate the ball’s movement and avoid being hit by the ball. In particular, be aware that eye injuries can occur either if you turn round to face a player hitting the ball or if the ball takes an unexpected deflection off ledges or the buttress. If you are hit in the eye, you should stop playing immediately and have the damage assessed. Goggles may be worn as a precautionary measure to protect the eyes.

11. Avoid getting in the way of the player about to hit the ball to avoid getting hit, tripping and collisions.

12. If another player physically blocks your shot or if continuing with the shot might cause injury to yourself or others, stop play and ask for a ‘let’. In such circumstances, the Laws expect a ‘let’ to be offered and accepted without the loss of points to either side.

13. Do not play whilst wearing or carrying sharp or hard objects e.g. jewellery that might cause injury in the event of a fall or collision.

14. Check if there are any non standard or unusual aspects to the court, in particular, the size of the ‘step’ and the run off area at the back of the court as these can cause a player to slip or collide.

15. Ensure that spectators do not encroach on this run off area at the back of the court or get in the way of players.