A Fives Song (1902)

Currently unable to get on court, a group of musical Fives players - led by Nic Walker - have turned their gloved hand instead to resurrecting "A Fives Song", composed in 1902 but incomprehensibly neglected ever since.


Lyricist G.T.Atkinson's numerous references to clothing in the song ('lady's glove'; 'dainty shoe'; a 'waistcoat...shewing through'; and 'needle and thread') may have something to do with the fact that the composer, Francis Cunningham Woods, was the son of a court dressmaker. According to an online article, FCW was also an enthusiastic writer of songs (including the Highgate School Song), an excellent raconteur and the life and soul of the party. The Gilbert and Sullivan style of the song is explained by the fact that FCW was, in fact, a pupil of Sir Arthur Sullivan himself!