WSSL Final: Unstoppable Desperados Win The Crown

27/06/18: Tournament favourites Dossi's Desperados completed an almost flawless Superleague campaign with a comfortable 6-0 win in last night's final against 2015 champions Highgate Bizzle.

Watch action from the final here: Round One    Round Two    Round Three

The Desperados have looked nigh on unbeatable all the way through the competition and the winning quartet of Ant Theodossi, Ryan Perrie, Andrew Joyce and Chris Hughes were too strong for Highgate's Jonny Ho, Ollie Hallam, Abs Bhattacharya and Emily Scoones, back in the final having been part of the winning Aston House team in the competition's first year back in 2011. Ho & Hallam came closest to getting a point on the board for Highgate, losing 15-14 in the final round to Theodossi & Perrie.

There was consolation for the North London outift as Abs Bhattacharya scored just enough points in his three games to hold on to top spot on the MVP leaderboard, holding off a late charge from Ryan Perrie. Ryan was looking to do the double, having already established an impregnable lead in the Golden Gloves competition for shots in the hole, which he won by four shots from the Chrises Ballingall and Hughes.

Last year's champions Aston House Thoroughbreds - the only team to take any points off the Desperados this year - won the 3rd/4th place play-off against the Exiles.

The prizes were presented by EFA Chairman Chris Davies.

Thanks to Westway for hosting the competition and to Paul Bowden for running things as efficiently as ever.

If you've never played in the Superleague, you should definitely consider it next year: it provides perfect post-season sociable and friendly Fives with a great format. It's not too late to jump on the WSSL bandwagon!

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Week One

Group A

Aston House Thoroughbreds (L.Brock, N.Shaw, K.Hird, S.Chapman) beat Highgate Bizzle (J.Ho, A.Bhattacharya, T.Halstead, E.Scoones) 4-2

EFA Allstars (T.Fletcher, W.Seath, O.Avery, R.Black) beat Westway 2 (M.Gwynne, D.McCahon, J.Caplin, N.Lilienthal) 6-0

Group B

Dossi's Desperados (A.Joyce, G.Thomason, C.Hughes, E.Hewens) beat Lancing Lionhearts (M.Scurr, T.Betts, A.Abrahams, S.Jackman) 6-0

Exiles (N.Gill, S.Shah, R.Morgan, B.Dovgyy) beat Westway 1 (T.Campbell, A.Pilkington, D.Goddard, B.Young) 6-0

Week Two

Group A

Aston House Thoroughbreds (L.Brock, G.Hoskins, K.Hird, S.Chapman) beat EFA Allstars (M.Lewin, M.Chinery, W.Seath, O.Avery) 6-0

Highgate Bizzle (J.Marks, A.Bhattacharya, T.Halstead, C.Griggs) beat Westway 2 (T.Thurnham, D.McCahon, M.Gwynne, N.Lilienthal) 6-0

Group B

Lancing Lionhearts (T.Betts, A.Abrahams, A.Lumbard, S.Jackman) drew with Westway 1 (T.Campbell, B.Bannerman, M.Goddard, D.Goddard) 3-3

Dossi's Desperados (R.Perrie, C.Hughes, S.Welti, D.Pritchard) beat Exiles (S.Shah, R.Morgan, S.Kelly, B.Dovgyy) 6-0

Week Three

Group A

Aston House Thoroughbreds (S.Thatcher, A.Bishop, S.Nowinski, J.Da Costa) drew with Westway 2 (J.Black, D.McCahon, J.Caplin, K.Mikowski) 3-3

Highgate Bizzle (J.Marks, A.Bhattacharya, O.Hallam, C.Davies) beat EFA Allstars (V.Bhimjiyani, T.Fletcher, W.Seath, W.Thomas) 6-0

Group B

Dossi's Desperados (R.Perrie, A.Theodossi, S.Welti, A.Rattan) beat Westway 1 (S.Warren-Thomas, B.Bannerman, T.Campbell, M.Goddard) 6-0

Exiles beat Lancing Lionhearts 6-0 (scratched)

Week Four - Quarter-Finals

Aston House Thoroughbreds (L.Brock, K.Hird, S.Thatcher, A.Bishop) beat Lancing Lionhearts (M.Scurr, A.Lumbard, A.Abrahams, S.Jackman) 6-0

Exiles (N.Gill, S.Shah, R.Morgan, C.Ballingall) beat EFA Allstars (G.Williams, M.Chinery, W.Seath, O.Avery) 6-0

Highgate Bizzle (J.Marks, A.Bhattacharya, O.Hallam, T.Halstead) beat Westway 1 (P.Chen, M.Goddard, J.Wootliff, B.Young) 6-0

Dossi's Desperados (R.Perrie, A.Theodossi, C.Hughes, S.Welti) beat Westway 2 (T.Thurnham, J.Caplin, R.Black*, W.Carling) 6-0

*ineligible player

Week Five


Dossi's Desperados (R.Perrie, G.Thomason, S.Welti, A.Rattan) beat Aston House Thoroughbreds (L.Brock, N.Shaw, C.Austin, K.Hird) 4-2

Highgate Bizzle (J.Ho, A.Bhattacharya, O.Hallam, T.Halstead) beat Exiles (N.Gill, C.Ballingall, R.Morgan, A.Jones) 5-1

5th-8th Play-Offs

5th: EFA Allstars (T.Fletcher, M.Chinery, W.Seath, W.Thomas)

6th: Westway 1 (T.Campbell, B.Bannerman, M.Goddard, D.Goddard)

7th: Lancing Lionhearts (A.Abrahams, A.Lumbard, C.Ballingall*, G.Linfield)

8th: Westway 2 (T.Thurnham, M.Gwynne, D.McCahon, K.Mikowski)

*ineligible player


Week Six

3rd/4th Play-off

Aston House Thoroughbreds (N.Shaw, C.Austin, K.Hird, S.Chapman) beat Exiles (N.Gill, C.Ballingall, R.Morgan, S.Warren-Thomas*) 6-0

*ineligible player



Dossi's Desperados beat Highgate Bizzle 6-0

A.Theodossi & A.Joyce beat J.Ho & A.Bhattacharya 15-10

R.Perrie & C.Hughes beat O.Hallam & E.Scoones 15-5

A.Theodossi & C.Hughes beat O.Hallam & A.Bhattacharya 15-4

R.Perrie & A.Joyce beat J.Ho & E.Scoones 15-5

A.Theodossi & R.Perrie beat J.Ho & O.Hallam 15-14

A.Joyce & C.Hughes beat A.Bhattacharya & E.Scoones 15-5


MVP Leaderboard

A.Bhattacharya  228

R.Perrie  224

K.Hird  205

C.Hughes  180

S.Welti  180

O.Hallam  158

T.Halstead  157

L.Brock  154

R.Morgan  152

C.Ballingall  145

W.Seath  139

M.Goddard  138

A.Abrahams  136

S.Chapman  135

J.Marks  135

A.Theodossi  135

N.Gill  121

N.Shaw  117

J.Ho  113

T.Fletcher  109

A.Lumbard  104


Golden Gloves Leaderboard

R.Perrie  12

C.Ballingall  8

C.Hughes  8

S.Welti  6

C.Austin  5

B.Bannerman  5

M.Gwynne  5

L.Brock  4

J.Ho  4

N.Shaw  4

G.Thomason  4

A.Abrahams  3

A.Bhattacharya  3

M.Chinery  3

C.Griggs  3

O.Hallam  3

K.Hird  3

J.Marks  3

A.Rattan  3

S.Shah  3

A.Theodossi  3


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