Sunningdale Win The Prep Schools

Guy Smith-Bingham reports:

21/03/22: The Preparatory Schools Fives Championship 2022 was won decisively by Sunningdale at Eton on 18th March 2022.

Not only was each player in the Sunningdale first pair strong but their contrasting styles made their partnership even better than the sum of their parts. Sebastian Dare and Archie Logue gave away very few points in the tournament. The match of the day was the semi-final between Berkhamsted (seeded 2) and Ludgrove (seeded 3). Both games went to set and were decided by a mere 1 or 2 points. Ludgrove (Billy Woodcock and Oscar Novis) prevailed, benefitting from a little more consistency. It is also worth noting that both Sunningdale and Berkhamsted had their top three pairs qualify from the group stages.

The Quarter-Final competition was won by Berkhamsted 3 beating Sunningdale 2. The Jeremy Marston Salver was well fought with Berkhamsted 4 defeating Highgate 1 in the final. The Roddy Forman Plate was equally well contested with Ludgrove 3 victorious over Summer Fields 2.