2004/05 Keeling Cup

Richard Tyler reports:

Many congratulations to Tom and Peter Dunbar who were the runaway winners this year! Congratulations to T and Courtney for sterling performances to carry off the minor honours.

It was noticeable that, with one exception, nobody backed T or Courtney for a top 4 finish - needless to say nobody won the bet! Notwithstanding that the Dunbars won the tournament by a "country mile", there were once again some close matches with four 5-setters and four 4-setters. We will have to split the Dunbars up next time and the rest of us will have to redouble our efforts.

Many thanks to all for participating in some good competitive fives played in the right spirit.

keeling 2005

End of Season Postscript by Richard Tyler


Most of you will know that the EFA are intending to support the ladder idea put forward by Ed Taylor next year and it has been suggested that this might in some way replace the Individual Tournament. Some of us discussed this in the pub after the last game and the majority view was (I think) that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Individual and that we should be very reluctant to get rid of something that currently works and has done since Malcolm originally started it.

On the other hand I think we should support the EFA and Ed's new idea and give it a good shot. I think that both competitions can be run with a number of players playing in both, especially if the dates for the new ladder are concentrated in the first half of the season (ie before Christmas) and the Individual is run (as it was this year) between January and April.