2008/09 Keeling Cup

Richard Tyler reports:

For the first time this year, we expanded the Keeling Cup to 12 players and three courts for each round. This was a great success and all the games were keenly contested. The starting line up featured four Olavians, three Chomeleians, two Harrovians, two Etonians and an Edwardian - a reasonable proxy for playing strength at the top of the game.

Ed Taylor, T Walters, John Reynolds, Peter Dunbar and Matt Wiseman were also kind enough to play as reserves, in most cases with significant impact. One of the successes of the Individual Tournament over the last five years has been to provide opportunities for younger talent to play competitive games against top players and to improve their standard to the best level.

keeling 2009
This year's tournament was basically a three horse race pitting the skills of James Toop, Tom Dunbar and Seb Cooley against the vagaries of the draw! Ultimately James Toop finished undefeated to retain the trophy. The "Been" proved to be the surprise package - many doubted the wisdom/delusion of backing himself in the "Bet", but he confounded his critics by coming up with a top four finish. He then promptly produced a bottle of champagne for the organiser as winner of the "wooden spoon". To see if this tactic proves wise, we will have to wait to see next season's draw!