"Bunny" Garrett (left) with Gordon Stringer and "Floater" Hawken

BJ "Bunny" Garrett

(extract from the Eton Fives Association Annual Report 1987/88)

The Old Citizens Fives Club is saddened by the death of one of its greatest servants, 'B.J.'Garrett, whose contribution, to the Old Citizens and Fives in general, was unique.'B.J.' with others, was responsible for the development of Fives fixtures with such schools as Shrewsbury, Repton, Uppingham, King Edward's Birmingham, Rydal, St. Bees and Marlborough, none of whom normally played London teams.

With his car, at a time when few people had cars, and his love of driving and a pioneering spirit with the Old Citizens he helped to revive the game at the Lyceum Alpinum, Zuoz in Switzerland. This led to an annual personal invitation to the Old Citizens from Prince Fugger to play and stay at Wellenberg Castle near Augsburg. Later, the Old Citizens, captained by 'B.J.', formally opened the Old Zuozers' own court at Zurich.A very sound player, 'B.J.' was regularly in the Old Citizens 1st IV and was in turn Secretary, Captain and Chairman. He was in the first Old Citizen match after the war at Uppingham and played over a considerable period until very recently.

It was fitting that his service to the game was recognised by the Jesters Club, the M.C.C. of court games, who invited him to become the first Eton Fives player Honorary Member.