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Former Courts

Below is a list of former Eton Fives courts in the UK and around the world. Do CONTACT US if you have any additional information.

CLICK HERE to see a map of existing courts

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James Toop and Fives in the TES

07/04/18: This week's Times Educational Supplement features an interview with four time Kinnaird Cup winner James Toop in which Fives features pretty heavily.

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New Courts Discovered In India

Thanks to some sterling detective work by RFA colleagues David Barnes and Simon Stokes, the existence of two previously unknown Eton Fives courts has just come to light.

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Red Bull Fives Film Goes Live

18/08/17: Following on from the successful visit to Westway and Eton earlier in the year by Timbo Gonzalez, Safe Stadick and a Redbull film crew, the results are now out on the Redbull website. CLICK HERE to see what Timbo made of it all...

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A Long Way From Paume

16/08/17: An intrepid band of Eton Fives tourists made their way to France last weekend to take part in the 2017 World Cup of Paume Artignoscaise, a traditional handball game played for centuries in the Provencal village of Artignosc-sur-Verdon up against the wall of the village church.

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Westward Ho!

The Old Citizens tour of the West Country and Wales May 2017

John Reynolds reports: Three-a-side fives exists! Bat fives lives! Handball is still being played in Wales!

The Old Citizens have just completed a voyage of discovery to three fabulous fives (in the loosest sense) courts in the West Country and South Wales.

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Fives at Auckland Grammar School

20/10/16 2016: There is an interesting article in the 2016 edition of "Ad Augusta", the Auckland Grammar School magazine about their former Fives court and Fives/Handball in New Zealand.

CLICK HERE for the magazine and scroll down to p.30/31

Sept 2014: The Only Way is Asia

Anthony Theodossi reports:

The first time I ever heard about courts in Malaysia was oddly enough my first time I ever set foot on a Fives court; it was the day the courts were re-opened at Emanuel School and I asked coach Howard Wiseman where else in the world this strange, but wonderful, game was played. Little did I realise that 18 years down the line I would be jetting off there with my partner in crime, Ryan Perrie, to coach in this wonderful country.

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July 2014: A Night At The Opera

Dale Vargas reports:

Krystyna and I were at Glyndebourne last evening and took the opportunity of investigating the remains of the Eton Fives courts there (I believe there were two and the dimensions of the space would support that).

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