Jobs In Fives-Playing Schools

Are you a teacher or would be teacher looking for a job in a Fives-playing school? Maybe you'll find your perfect job here...

The jobs below link to TES adverts or direct to school websites. The date next to the job is the application deadline.

This page will be updated regularly so do keep checking back to see what's new.


Art and Design

Teacher of Art Harrow School: 25/02/19

Teacher of Art (part-time) Mill Hill School: 05/03/19



Teacher of Biology Mill Hill School: 05/03/19

Teacher of Biology Emanuel School: 25/02/19


Business Studies

Teacher of Business & Management Charterhouse School: 26/02/19

Teacher of Economics & Business Mill Hill School: 26/02/19

Graduate Trainee Teacher of Economics and Business Uppingham School: 28/02/19



Teacher of Chemistry Stowe School: 24/02/19

Teacher of Chemistry Mill Hill School: 05/03/19

Teacher of Chemistry Shrewsbury School: 04/03/19

Teacher of Chemistry St.Olave's School: 15/03/19



Teacher of Classics Mill Hill School: 05/03/19

Teacher of Classics Highgate School: 04/03/19


Computer Science

Head of Computing Highgate School: 28/02/19

Teacher of Computer Science Mill Hill School: 26/02/19


Design & Technology:

Teacher of Design Technology Mill Hill School: 26/02/19



Graduate Drama Assistant Cranleigh School: 11/03/19



Teacher of Economics QE Barnet: 25/02/19

Teacher of Economics & Business Mill Hill School: 26/02/19

Graduate Trainee Teacher of Economics and Business Uppingham School: 28/02/19



Teacher of English Wolverhampton Grammar School: 25/02/19



Graduate Sports Assistant Berkhamsted School: 03/03/19

Graduate Sports Assistant Aldenham School: 04/03/19

Resident Fellow Holyport College



Teacher of Geography Highgate School: 27/02/19

Teacher of Geography (Part-time) Mill Hill School: 05/03/19

Teacher of Geography Oakham School: 05/03/19



Teacher of History & Politics Mill Hill School: 05/03/19


Learning Support

Learning Support Teacher Eton College: 05/03/19

Learning Support Teacher Mill Hill School: 26/02/19

Learning Support Teacher Shrewsbury School: 01/03/19



Teacher of Maths St.Olave's School: 22/02/19

Teacher of Maths Emanuel School: 24/02/19

Teacher of Maths Mill Hill School: 26/02/19


Modern Languages

Head of Modern Languages Berkhamsted School: 24/02/19

Teacher of Spanish & Italian Bryanston School: 24/02/19

Teacher of French & Spanish Mill Hill School: 26/02/19

Head of Languages QE Barnet: 25/02/19

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages Repton School: 25/02/19

Head of French Uppingham School: 04/03/19

Teacher of Mandarin & French Geelong Grammar School: 15/03/19



Director of Music Lancing College: 28/02/19

Teacher of Academic Music, Music Technology & Pianist Marlborough College: 28/02/19

Head of Singing Repton School: 04/03/19



Housemaster/Housemistress Girls' Day House Lancing College: 21/02/19

Chaplain Bryanston School: 10/03/19

Housemaster/Houseparents Stowe School: 07/03/19



Teacher of PE & Games QE Barnet: 25/02/19

Teacher of PE Mill Hill School: 05/03/19


Product Design

Teacher of Product Design St.Bartholomew's School, Newbury: 24/02/19



Teacher of Psychology Emanuel School: 25/02/19



Teacher of RE (Part-time) Mill Hill School: 05/03/19


Senior Management

Assistant Headteacher (Director of Sixth Form) St.Olave's School: 25/02/19

Head of Lower School Ipswich School: 28/02/19