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Jobs In Fives-Playing Schools

Are you a teacher or would be teacher looking for a job in a Fives-playing school? Maybe you'll find your perfect job here...

The jobs below link to TES adverts or direct to school websites. The date next to the job is the application deadline.

This page will be updated regularly so do keep checking back to see what's new.



Fives Coach at Highgate: 20/05/24



St.Bartholomew's, Newbury are always interested in hearing from good quality teachers: click here for details



Teacher of Biology at Eton: 30/05/24



Teacher of Chemistry at St Bees: 31/05/24


Computer Science and IT

Teacher of Computer Science and IT at Berkhamsted: 09/06/24



Teacher of History at Zuoz



Teacher of Maths at Eton: 30/05/24

Teacher of Maths at St.Olave's



Teacher of Chinese (Mandarin) at St.Bees: 31/05/24

Teacher of MFL at Belmont

Head of MFL at Uppingham: 03/06/24


Outdoor Education

Head of Outdoor Education at Aldenham: 31/05/24



Houseparent (Girls Boarding House) at Zuoz

Chaplain at Uppingham: 03/06/24



Teacher of Science at Eton: 01/06/24


Senior Management

Head of Finance at Highgate: 30/05/24

Assistant Head (Academic) at Uppingham: 03/06/24


Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs Teacher at Berkhamsted: 02/06/24