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"Floater" Hawken (right) with Gordon Stringer and "Bunny" Garrett

HP "Floater" Hawken

(extract from Eton Fives Association Annual Report 1998/99)

One of the last links of the Old Citizens Fives Club from the post-war period has been lost with the passing of a past Chairman, Henry Hawken, known to some as Philip, but known to all his sporting friends as 'Floater'.

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Tony Day (1932-1998)

It is sad to record the sudden death of Tony Day, who, for many years, was Master-in-Charge of Fives at Charterhouse. Sadly, too, his elder brother, Johnny, died only a few weeks later and they had been a regular pairing in the Kinnaird Cup.

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Jack Waddell (1924-1998)

(extract from the Eton Fives Association Annual Report 1998/99)

Jack Waddell, who has died at the age of 74, after a long illness, was for many years Secretary of the Old Aldenhamian Fives Club and a master at Aldenham with considerable input and influence on Fives at the school.

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