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Prep Schools Team Tournament

Andy Bishop reports:

11/12/23:Four schools, twelve pairs, six courts, three rounds of play, and all completed in two hours – a very nimble format for a tournament!

This annual event was first held in 2010 as a four-pairs competition, but since then it has always been three pairs per team, which makes it simpler to determine the winner, of course.

This year’s contest promised to be a close one, but Sunningdale put themselves in pole position after the first round by beating Summer Fields 2-1 (15-8, 9-15, and 15-13). With the Oxford school beating Ludgrove 2-1 and then Cranleigh 3-0, a lot rested on the third-round encounter between Sunningdale and Ludgrove – for the latter school, a 3-0 win would have seen them retain the trophy, whilst a 2-1 margin would have tied three schools on matches won. Fortunately for the tournament manager, who had left his slide-rule at home, the Sunningdale team quickly established an unassailable 2-0 lead, although Ludgrove’s 1st pair took the honour of a narrow victory (15-13).

1st Sunningdale 3 matches (7 games, points 127-59)

2nd Summer Fields 2 matches (6 games, points 121-75)

3rd Ludgrove 1 match (5 games, points 85-97)

4th Cranleigh Prep 0 matches (0 games, points 35-135)


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