Newbury Fives: A Game Of Aches and Ladders

Nigel Cox reports:

06/05/21: The Newbury EFC held its first ever ladder evening on May 4th. All three courts were full.

Based on a similar system to the EFA ladder of some years ago players start off ranked 1 to 12 in three courts.

Winners moved up a court and split, losers moved down and split and everyone got 4 games. The aim is for some competitive, but convivially so, Fives and to increase the experience of local Newbury players. Results were as below:

Games won:

Pete Scholey 4

Stefan Nowinski 3

Jack Hopkins 3

Nick Bunyan 2

Will Seath 2

Ed Porter 2

Chris McCormack 2

James Holland 2

Poom Hall 1

Alec McCormack 1

Josh Adams 1

Paul Holland 1

These include 4 alumni of St Bartholomew’s Newbury, 3 schoolboys and 2 parents. Pete Scholey, Stefan Nowinski and Nick Bunyan raised the bar and improved the usual quality of play and enjoyment. Notably Jack Hopkins from St Bartholomew’s ended up in the first court, winning 3 out of his 4 games.

We hope to hold a ladder evening every Tuesday, and welcome allcomers from the area. Anyone interested should send their contact details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Entries for each Tuesday should be in by Sunday evenings 6 pm (first to apply get the place, however good or bad you may be) and the order of play will be sent out on Sunday evening or Monday morning, so there is time to plug any gaps before Tuesday evening.