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Tom Tsang Moves to London Broncos

12/11/19: After two years working as our Development Manager in the Midlands & North, Tom Tsang has now moved on to further his career coaching in Rugby League.

Tom has made a massive impact in his two years with the EFA. As the first EFA FiveStar project employee to come into the sport from a non Fives-playing background Tom was able to provide an invaluable "outsider's" viewpoint and useful experience from his time working in Rugby League and for the British Equestrian Foundation. Not that Tom remained an outsider for long - he quickly threw himself into learning the game despite the legacy of several shoulder dislocations that curtailed his Rugby playing career and he soon found himself representing the Old Wulfrunians in the EFA trophy and playing in the Midlands and Northern Tournaments soon after donning the gloves for the first time.

Off court, Tom has worked tirelessly on both local and national initiatives. At a national level he has put together a new "Introduction to Coaching Fives" course, which will fill in a much needed gap in our coaching qualification provision and which will soon be piloted for the first time. He has also produced invaluable initial research on Universities as we look to take the FiveStar project into this crucial area. Locally he put in a lot of hard work into a couple of projects - at Abbeydale sports centre in Sheffield and at the University of Buckingham - that haven't yet got off the ground but which have provided us with a huge amount of useful learning points. There have been successes too - finding coaching support for Wolverhampton Grammar School and Oakham, setting up a link between Uppingham and a local school for children with behavioural difficulties who are about to set foot on a Fives court for the first time, and most notably of all the setting up of a regular club night at Repton, pulling together Derby Moor Rugby Fives players, local enthusiasts and beginners from Rolls-Royce to produce regular and flourishing activity on the long-neglected Repton courts.

Despite his new found passion for the game of Eton Fives, Tom is a Rugby League diehard at heart so when his fantastic work as head coach of the semi-pro Coventry Bears was recognised recently with the offer of a full-time job as Assistant Coach at the London Broncos it was time for him to move on up the ladder. We would like to thank him for all of the great work he has done on the FiveStar project in his two years with us and we hope to see him back on a Fives court somewhere before too long.