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EFA Announces New Research & Development Role

As part of its ongoing commitment to building a sustainable future for the sport, the Eton Fives Association (EFA) is excited to announce it has received a grant to recruit a full-time Research & Development Assistant.

The Eton Fives community has always had a firm and passionate belief in the positive benefits which Eton Fives brings to individuals of all ages, and to communities. It is this belief that has motivated the EFA’s FiveStar programme to work towards a dramatic expansion of Eton Fives.

This role will support the FiveStar team’s development efforts through evidence-based research into the social, physical and behavioural impact Eton Fives has on individuals, schools, universities and communities, helping it to make its case when applying for funds or when fighting its corner in competition with other sports and activities. Such evidence will help the EFA to make informed choices about where best to focus its resources and direct its outreach and educational activities.

The R&D Assistant will also investigate the factors affecting the drop off in participation in Eton Fives post-education, one the key issues in maintaining the sustainability of adult Eton Fives. The research will compare the situation of Eton Fives to that of other sports, and make recommendations on how any challenges might be addressed.

EFA President, Richard Black, said: “This is fantastic news for Eton Fives, and will enable the EFA to build the evidence base it needs to secure its future in an increasingly competitive environment. This research will enable the EFA to make key decisions, based on hard evidence, for developing the game and to present the case for Eton Fives to new playing communities. We are sincerely grateful to the Oppenheimer Generations Foundation for its generous support, which has made this possible.”

Those interested in applying for the R&D Assistant role should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.