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Fives: The Rolls-Royce Of Sports

24/10/18: Just about everyone who has ever played the game will tell you that Eton Fives is undoubtedly the Rolls-Royce of sports. Well now it's official!

For the past two Tuesday evenings the courts at Repton have been used by a group of 12 newcomers to the game, all of whom work at nearby Rolls-Royce. The EFA's Midlands and North development manager Tom Tsang has masterminded the initiative as part of the EFA's FiveStar project, with Tom, EFA Secretary Gareth Hoskins, Old Wulfrunian Phil Bullock and Derby Moor's Stuart Kirby providing the initial coaching.

All involved now hope that the enthusiasm and aptitude shown by the group so far will lead to the establishment of something more permanent, bringing more new players into the game and providing a boost to Fives in the Midlands by increasing activity on an historic and currently underused set of courts once played on by the most well known Repton captain of Fives - Roald Dahl.

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