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Williams Cup 2015: Three in a Row for Eton

12/03/15: Eton claimed the Williams Cup - the three pair school competition - for the third year in row on their home courts last Sunday. The team, made up of Tom Weld, Tom Kirkby, Oliver Rowse, Barnaby Harrison, Arthur Wellesley and Jack Capstick-Dale, fittingly won the competition to mark the final year as Master-in-Charge at Eton of tournament founder Mark Williams, winning the round robin format ahead of Shrewsbury, Harrow, Highgate, Westminster, Berkhamsted and St.Olave's.

1. Eton 31 points

2. Shrewsbury 25 points

3. St.Olave's 19 points

4. Highgate 18 points

5. Harrow 15 points

6. Westminster 14 points

7. Berkhamsted 4 points