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Shrewsbury Win The Williams Cup

Mark Williams reports:

08/03/22: Shrewsbury won the Williams Cup at Eton on Sunday, going through the day unbeaten to take the trophy back to Shropshire for the first time since 2012.

Six teams entered this three pair school senior team competition; only Harrow of the stronger Fives schools was missing. Each team played two games against each of the other teams in a round-robin format. A team won one championship point for each game won, so a 3-3 draw was possible, and meant that each pair carried equal weight.

Ipswich transferred from the Vargas Salver, and had an enjoyable day, where their young team gained valuable experience, they lost marginally to St Olave's 2 and Highgate 2-4.

Highgate began well but lost one of their players feeling unwell for the last two matches and had to concede the last match at first pair with another casualty. They had a good overall team.

St Olave's 2 defeated them 5-1 as well as Ipswich 4-2, and fought hard all day, especially against St Olave's 1, and their first pair were particularly impressive.

St Olave's 1 had a talented first pair, with strong support, and only lost to Shrewsbury and Eton, taking championship points off both of them, and finishing with 20 points.

Eton had three strong pairs, and were leading the field after the penultimate round. They were without their best player but still played with skill and determination, especially in the final round.

Shrewsbury played consistently well all day, and until the final round, only dropped two points against St Olave's 1. They had three strong pairs of good games players who had been starved of competitive fives against other schools for the last three years, and who improved consistently throughout the day. Against Eton all three first games were close, but Shrewsbury showed more determination to win and triumphed in all three. They won the second games in first and third pairs and only conceded the second. A 3-3 draw would have sent the title to Eton, but in the end the result was an emphatic 5-1, a win overall by three points, and thoroughly deserved. Congratulations to Adam Morris, in his first year as Master-in-Charge, for bringing home a trophy which has always meant more to Shrewsbury than any other.


Round One

Eton beat St.Olave's 2 6-0

Shrewsbury beat St.Olave's 1 4-2

Highgate beat Ipswich 4-2


Round Two

Eton beat Ipswich 6-0

Shrewsbury beat St.Olave's 2 6-0

St.Olave's 1 beat Highgate 5-1


Round Three

Eton beat St.Olave's 1 5-1

St.Olave's 2 beat Ipswich 4-2

Shrewsbury beat Highgate 6-0


Round Four

Eton beat Highgate 6-0

St.Olave's 1 beat St.Olave's 2 6-0

Shrewsbury beat Ipswich 6-0


Round Five

Shrewsbury beat Eton 5-1

St.Olave's 2 beat Highgate 5-1

St.Olave's 1 beat Ipswich 6-0


1st Shrewsbury 27 points

2nd Eton 24 points

3rd St.Olave's 1 20 points

4th St.Olave's 2 9 points

5th Highgate 6 points

6th Ipswich 4 points


Eton: J.Turcan, H.Buxton, M.Krefting, L.Hopton, M.Mauratille, O.Turpin

St Olave's 1: G.Nsenga, F.Baron, E.Smith, A.Deshmukh, T.Farmer, A.Anoop

St Olave's 2: N.Tripathi, T.Sachi, M.Tsioupine, B.Adenugba, A.Lewis, C.McMichael

Shrewsbury: R McDonald-O'Brien, D Taylor-West, J Ainslie, A.Clarke, G.Hughes, G. Bradshaw, W.Jenkins, J.Home

Highgate: B.Womack, F.Lee, A.Gavshon, A.Antoniazzi, T.Browne, L.Valensise

Ipswich: J.Hughes, L.Free, S.Allen, A.Phillips, O.Free, M.Williams, H.Gardner


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