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2011 Williams Cup: Show of strength from Shrewsbury

Mark Williams reports:

Six schools entered this National competition for three pair school teams at Eton on Sunday 6th March. Each pair from each school played five 2 game matches against their corresponding pairs from other schools. One point was awarded for each game won. It was very good to see a young team from Ipswich for the first time.

Highgate and Shrewsbury dominated the event, with St Olave's finishing a creditable 3rd. Most of the results followed an expected pattern, but the St Olave's 1st pair pulled off an impressive win against Highgate, and then dropped a game to Eton and Berkhamsted. In the clash of the titans in the final round, Highgate needed to win at least 4-2, otherwise Shrewsbury would take the trophy. After one game, Shrewsbury were ahead 2-1, and although they were pushed hard in the second, they pulled through in all three pairs to prove themselves clearly the strongest team.

Final Standings

1. Shrewsbury 29

2. Highgate 23

3. St.Olave's 18

4. Eton 11

5. Berkhamsted 7

6. Ipswich 0