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2006/07 Turnbull Trophy

Doug Foster reports:

This event took place at Eton College on Sunday 3rd December. Seven pairs competed in one large pool which included pairs from Lancing College, Emanuel School (2prs), St.Olave's, Westway and Berkhamsted (2prs). Unfortunately other schools who usually take part in this event could not make it this year.

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1998/99 Turnbull Trophy

Mark Williams reports

Ten pairs entered this tournament, which was held at Eton for the first time. Pairs were made up of one current schoolboy player and one older player who attended the same School. There were two pools of five, one weaker one stronger to ensure matches at roughly the same standard, and each pair played two games against every other pair in the pool. Two pairs qualified from each pool for the semi-finals, and each pair was given a handicap. The semi-finals and final were just one game played up to 15, with a different handicap.

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2005/06 Turnbull Trophy

Alex Moore & Andrew Betts report:

4th December 2005

Eight pairs made their way to Westway in hope that they may qualify for the final of the Turnbull Trophy. Two pairs from Lancing, one from Berkhamsted, one from Westway, three Olavian pairs and one St Olave's/Westminster collaboration competed in the round robin structured competition playing a single game to 12 against all opponents.

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2004/05 Turnbull Trophy

Howard Wiseman reports:

The Graham Turnbull was played at Westway over two weekends 28th November and 5th December 2004 with the finals at Eton on Sunday 27th February 2005.

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Graham Turnbull Trophy Past Champions

The Graham Turnbull Trophy is a competition for pairs that consist of one current and one former pupil from a particular school. Pairs sometimes consist of a coach and pupil.

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1999/00 Turnbull Trophy

Graham Dunbar reports:

The Graham Turnbull Trophy was played at Harrow School on Sunday 9th November, 1999.

Thirteen pairs, from Lancing, Westminster, Sunningdale, Orley Farm, Harrow, Berkhamsted, Mill Hill, Highgate and St. Olave's, entered this year's tournament and every pair won at least one match. Indeed, every pair lost a match.

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