Olavians and Salopians in the Barber Cup Final again

Congratulations to the Olavians and the Salopians, who won their respective Barber Cup semi-finals at Eton yesterday and who will meet again in this year's final on February 14th, with the Olavians looking for an astonishing 13th consecutive win.

Old Salopians beat Old Harrovians 2-1

G.Thomason & R.Worth lost to T.Dunbar & R.Wijeratne 0-3
I.Hutchinson & H.Lewis beat N.Shaw & R.Bryan 3-1
C.Hughes & T.Welti beat A.Poole & O.Denby 3-2

Old Olavians beat Old Berkhamstedians 3-0

S.Cooley & T.Barker beat A.Joyce & O.Green 3-0
J.Toop & P.White beat J.O'Neill & D.Smith 3-0
D.Mew & H.Wiseman beat A.Rattan & D.Naik 3-0