Cambridge Past v Present Finishes All Square

01/12/15: Cambridge University Past took on Cambridge University Present last Saturday with honours ending up even after a 2-2 draw. The match was masterminded by Ralph Morgan, who is planning a second game towards the end of the season on Saturday April 23rd, which will feature a social event as well as the Fives itself. Any former Cambridge players interested in taking part should contact Ralph or Gareth Hoskins.

Results (Present first):

T.Barker & J.Abbott beat L.Brock & G.Chapman 3-1

A.Stewart & B.Merrett beat R.Morgan & G.Illingworth 3-1

F.Tomlinson & N.Walker lost to J.Knight & A.Nice 0-3

S.Xu & N.Lim lost to C.Farquharson-Roberts & E.Sewart 0-3

Cambridge pvp 2015 001
Cambridge pvp 2015 002