Dec 2011 REFCA Under 12s: No fretting for Ipswichian George

Dominique Redmond reports:

On Sunday December 4th at Eton, REFCA held its annual U12s individual competition. This competition allows schools to enter as many players as they wish as it is not a pairs event. Players are all given a number and are randomly partnered up and against different opponents/partners in each round. We had 28 players take part from four schools - Emanuel School, Berkhamsted, Ipswich and St Olaves.

There where two players who gained the maxium of 84 points by winning all their matches and a place in the final: James Tate from St Olave's School and George Frettingham from Ipswich. These top two were joined in the final by Berkhamstedian Toby O'Gorman, who only dropped 6 points, and Olavian Josh Limbrey, who only dropped 7. The final was decided by the usual blind date method where George was asked to pick a number from 1-3. George ended up partnering Toby in the final, which was a good match that had some amazing cuts returns and terrific general play for players who have only been playing a term. The combined pair of Ipswich and Berkhamsted won the final, leaving Ipswichian Frettingham as the day's only undefeated player.

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