2002 Universities Tournament

Sanjaya Ranasinghe reports:

Once again British Rail engineering works and unreliable trains led to a sudden depletion in pairs for these championships with pairs from Newcastle and Edinburgh being prevented to attend at the last moment. Seven pairs (3 from Oxford and 2 from both Cambridge and Durham) were split into two groups for the round robin stage of the championships.

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Marlborough Tournament

Howard Wiseman reports:

A wonderful sunny weekend in Marlborough - a truly beautiful market town. What a perfect back-drop for such a unique event - the Marlborough Fives Championships. No other event enables Fives players to try each others' game.

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2002 Under 25 Tournament

Chris Cooley reports:

This year's Under 25s tournament was, though depleted by several last-minute illness cancellations, a well-contested and good-spirited event. Played on a cold but mercifully dry day at Eton, it was fortunate that eight pairs were taking part, since this ensured a maximum of on-court time and a minimum of frost-bitten spectatorship.

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