2002 Varsity Match

Rodney Knight reports:

Rain did not stop play

Seldom in recent years has the Varsity Match held at Eton courtesy of the Provost and Fellows attracted an audience of 50! And seldom has it rained so persistently from knock-up to finish! But we were not deterred from watching and enjoying the customary hard-fought contest and admiring the sporting spirit in which it was played.

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2002 Northern Tournament

Andrew Mitchell reports:

A total of fifty-eight pairs entered the two tournaments this year, so that the courts were filled pretty much to capacity. However, although many of the entries were not received until the eve of the tournament, there were no last minute withdrawals, and so organising the draw was a relatively easy task. A mild and mainly dry weekend meant that spectating, or waiting for a free court, was not too much of a hardship either.

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Philip Curtis (1922-2002)

It is difficult to do full justice to the unstinting services given to Eton Fives by Philip Curtis, who has died at the age of 80. In 1999, a dinner was held at Eton in his honour to celebrate fifty continuous years as an EFA officer. Starting as Honorary Treasurer, Philip then became Honorary Secretary, a Vice-President, President and then Chairman of the EFA Charitable Trust. The latter position was probably the most demanding in establishing the Trust in the first place, let alone overseeing the raising of substantial funds and guiding fellow Trustees and the EFA in the best use of the monies for the benefit of the game.

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2002 Ipswich Tournament

Mike Fenn reports:

The twenty-third infamous 'Ipswich Handicap', masquerading as the Graves Cup, was held over a mild, sunny weekend at the beginning of January. For once the weather was kind and enabled a large following of spectators to enjoy a good weekend of Fives in relative comfort.

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2001/02 County Championships

Jamie Fleming reports:

It's a great shame (and troubles me to admit it), but the County Championship remains a marginalised tournament.

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2001 London Tournament

Howard Wiseman reports:

The London Tournament took place at Highgate again this year under the management of the Rugby & Eton Fives Coaching Agency. This was possibly the largest London Tournament that there has ever been, with over one hundred and twenty players taking part.

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2001 Universities Tournament

Seb Cooley reports:

Edgbaston Saturday 10th November 2001

The Universities Championships were held in Birmingham once again this year. Organised by James Toop despite his being in Germany, they were a demonstration of the power of electronic communication. Not of electric communications, however, as both Newcastle and Durham's sides' efforts to get to Birmingham were thwarted by a train cancellation. Apart from these pairs, it was astonishing to find that most players had arrived at the courts twenty minutes before the start time; are we seeing a new, punctual breed of fives players emerging?

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2001 Under 25 Tournament

James Toop reports:

Unfortunately, there was a low turnout for this year's competition, and from the two groups came two pairs of Olavians and two Berkhamstedians. In both matches, the older and more experienced Olavians won through, but it was great to see the Berkhamstedians play well to reach the semi-finals.

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