2001/02 Alan Barber Cup

Mike Fenn reports:

Early Rounds:

Sadly, once again several matches in the first round were awarded on a walk-over basis. The 'lucky winners' were then pitched into the deep end to meet the four seeded clubs in the second. Here the Etonians were unlucky to lose to the Edwardian fourth seeds, the outcome hinging on the first string result, which went in favour of the Edwardians, three games to two. The Salopians gambled by only taking two pairs to Lancing but ran out comfortable winners, 2-1. As expected the two seeds, Olavians at one and Cholmeleians at two, had little trouble in disposing of the Ipswichians and Aldenhamians respectively.

Semi-finals and Final:

The top two seeds met stronger resistance against the Salopians and Edwardians in the semis, each winning close matches two games to one. In the final the Olavians dominated proceedings, defeating the Cholmeleians 3-0 in each pair, thus completing a hat-trick of consecutive Alan Barber Cup victories.


1st Round:

Old Etonians beat Old Berkhamstedians 3-0

Old Aldenhamians beat Old Carthusians 3-0

Old Ipswichians beat Old Cranleighans 3-0

Lancing Old Boys beat Old Harrovians 3-0


2nd Round:

Old Ipswichians lost to Old Olavians 0-3 (at Ipswich)

P V Boughton and J W B Levick lost to K Rudman and M Wiseman 3-12, 2-12, 1-12

M Graves and J A Caudle lost to H Wiseman and M Marriott 5-12, 3-12, 6-12

G Hoskins and S Burnell lost to S Cooley and T Rakow 4-12, 4-12, 4-12

Old Edwardians beat Old Etonians 2-1 (at Highgate)

R C Tyler and C Friend beat N Bailey and H Dixon 12-6, 9-12, 12-7, 8-12, 12-5

R A Mason and J Birch beat S Barber and D Bailey 11-14, 12-3, 12-3, 13-10

P Knowles and J Seelig lost to H Mackenzie and F Dalhuisen 10-12, 5-12, 4-12

Lancing Old Boys lost to Old Salopians 1-2 (at Lancing)

N Cox and T Monckton lost to E Taylor and A Walters (Jun) 4-12, 5-12, 5-12

R Black and M Searle lost to J Walters and M Hughes 4-12, 1-12, 5-12

Old Salopians conceded the third pair

Old Cholmeleians beat Old Aldenhamians 3-0 (at Highgate)

J Halstead and S Khan beat G Pulsford and T Chamberlain 12-1, 12-0, 12-9

S Rasheed and N Addy beat J Knowles & I Khan 12-0, 12-2, 12-0

Old Aldenhamians conceded the third pair

Semi-finals: - Eton

Old Cholmeleians beat Old Salopians 2-1

E Wass & J Halstead beat E Taylor & A Walters (Jun) 12-9, 12-6, 6-12, 12-11

J Pinner & S Rasheed lost to M Hughes & J Walters 9-12, 8-12, 12-9, and conceded

N Addy & S Khan beat D Blofield & C Prentice 12-1, 12-3, 12-2

Old Olavians beat Old Edwardians 2-1

M Wiseman & S Cooley beat J Mole & R Tyler 14-11, 12-4, 7-12, 8-12, 12-9

H Wiseman & P Markkanen lost to R Mason & C Friend 14-13, 7-12, 10-12, 9-12

C Cooley & K Rudman beat P Knowles & P Scholey 12-8, 12-8, 12-8

Final - Eton

Old Olavians beat Old Cholmeleians 3-0

J Toop & C Cooley beat E Wass & J Halstead 12-8, 12-1, 12-7

S Cooley & K Rudman beat J Pinner & S Rasheed 13-10, 12-6, 14-13

H Wiseman & D Hawkins beat S Khan & N Addy 12-2, 12-9, 12-7