2001 Mixed Championships

Howard Wiseman reports:

Fifty players took part in the Mixed Championship. For the second year the "Wiseman" Mixed Fives rules were used - the male server was only allowed to remain serving for one rally before either swapping with his partner, or returning to the role of "cutter".

In this way there was no possibility of the men trying to dominate play from the top step. The standard of play was incredible at times, and the results relied heavily on the performance of the ladies, since it was largely their responsibility under the new rules, to get cuts back and to rally on the top step.

The Final was played between William Powell & Erica Tadman, against Helen & James Toop. The second Final of the day also went to sudden death! The brother/sister combination ran out as winners: 15-14.

A great day of Fives, with all the Harrow courts full to capacity. Over sixty people took part across the two tournaments. Our thanks to the Harrow School Fives Club for allowing the event to take place on their courts.


H.Toop & J.Toop beat E.Tadman & W.Powell  15-14