Richard Bourne (1943-2007)

Richard was a Fives player for over 40 years and loved every minute on and off the court. The game created many great friends and he treasured their company and mutual joie de vivre over the years.

He put on his first Fives gloves (albeit Rugby ones!) at UCH in London where he was a student. It was here that he developed his classic back of the court technique - always a potent force on the often cold and wet Wednesday nights that followed.

Richard's move to Godalming in the 1970s brought him into contact with the Brigands - then solely a squash club - and he formed great friendships amongst its fraternity. Squash morphed into Fives as Danny Hewitt and others rekindled their schoolboy skills - and the Brigands Fives Club was born. Continuing on this journey of transformation, Richard was one of the driving forces behind the evolution of the club into the Brigands Fives & Fine Dining Club as members' priorities progressed! He loved the Wednesday night games and always brought his infectious enthusiasm with him - sharing a joke between points or test firing that infamous spud gun over the courts. The annual Brigands competition trophy has been named after him.

One of his greatest Fives pleasures was in Switzerland at the Engadin Challenge in Zuoz. He visited on many occasions - enjoying the drive through the Alps - and made great friends with Daniel Haerring and the familiar faces at the Lyceum Alpinum. On his last trip he picked up the pepper pot trophy which took its place next to Elstead Paper Boat trophies on the mantelpiece at Riversleigh Farm.

Richard passed away at home with Roz and the boys beside him last September after a brave battle with mesothelioma for 18 months. He loved the game and we'll all miss him on court.