Geneva Courts Get A Blue Makeover

John Reynolds reports:

06/06/21: The first photos are just in of the refurbished courts at the Geneva branch of the Old Zuozers' fives club.

And they are fabulous! They are the first fives club anywhere (as far as I know) to take the step of colouring their courts to make the ball visible whether it's white, yellow or brown. They've used a colourant (which bonds chemically with the concrete) rather than a paint (adhesive top layer) which should mean that it's hard-wearing. The move is also an enormous step in transforming the image of the game from one played in drab concrete to one played in bright, modern-looking courts.

The newly refurbished courts will sit happily alongside the tennis courts and swimming pools of the Veigy David Lloyd club – and surely stand a very good chance of attracting new players from the other activities there.

Congratulations to everyone involved at the Geneva club - once again the Zuozer fives-playing community is at the forefront of fives innovation!

dover may 2021 001
dover may 2021 002
dover may 2021 003
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