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EFA League Named Players 2016/17

The list below is the list of named players for the 2016/17 season. All players on this list can normally only play in other divisions as ineligible players i.e. their pair is played but the point automatically conceded to the opposition; they also have to play in the lowest available pair unless with the agreement of the opposition captain. Named players are allowed to play in lower divisions as eligible players in certain circumstances i.e. to balance a fixture by strengthening an otherwise weak side or partnering a weak/young/returning player to help bring them on or bring them back into the game; they must play with a partner and in a pair that is at an appropriate standard for the specific match and opposition and the team wishing to use a named player as an eligible player must communicate their intention to the opposing team and to the league organiser at least a day in advance of the match. The opposition team has the right to return the request down, in which case the player can still play, but as an ineligible player. The list will remain subject to review during the course of the season.

Berkhamsted 1: G.Campbell, D.Foster, A.Theodossi, R.Perrie

North Oxford 1: S.Cooley, J.Cobb, J.Piggot, P.Scholey

Old Cholmeleians: J.Ho, J.Marks, D.Mew, M.Kovar

Old Harrovians: T.Dunbar, J.Fleming, R.Tyler, R.Bryan

Old Millhillians 1: I.Hutchinson, V.Bhimjiyani, S.Tailor, J.Patel

Old Olavians 1: H.Wiseman, M.Wiseman, J.Toop, P.White

Old Salopians 1: E.Taylor, G.Thomason, H.Lewis, R.Worth

Old Westminsters 1: L.Brock, E.Rose, G.Coren, R.Houlden

Team Westway 1: G.Chapman, L.Stradwick, W.Betts, A.Constantine

Others: P.Markkanen, P.Dunbar, P.Cohen, A.Joyce