2012 Veterans Tournament: Vintage Achievement

Graham Pulsford reports:

Veterans Competitions 29th April 2012

The Veterans Tournament has changed in format since its beginnings 28 years ago and there are now three categories to suit the abilities and ages of the competitors. The outcome of the three finals were as follows:

Open Competition for the MJS-J Cup

Mike Hughes & Grant Williams beat Phil Wilson & Nick Bunyan 15-13

Over 50s Competition for the Chris Cup

Chris Davies & Chris Lloyd beat Peter Boughton & Simon Woolfries 15-12

Over 60s Competition for the Walters Cup

Anthony Wagg & Tim Best beat Ronald Pattison & Tony Walters 15-9

Despite predictions of sunshine and warm weather the afternoon commenced with heavy rain and blustery winds. This did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the competitors and it was good to see a healthy addition of newcomers; these included James ‘ironic’ Caplin, Freddie ‘new shoes’ Rowe, Phil Bullock, Mike Skjott, and Johnny Saunders. It was also good to welcome back Peter Knowles, Jo Seelig, Andrew Bishop and Ian Mitchell.

The MJS-J Cup was won by Mike Hughes & Grant Williams who narrowly beat Phil Wilson & Nick Bunyan 15-13 in a highly competitive final. This was the closest that the holders have come to being challenged in recent years and Nick Bunyan will have memories of how two ‘unlucky’ edges cost Phil Wilson and himself potential victory. Both Mike Skjott & Johnny Saunders and Mark Yates & Phil Bullock played some quality rallies but just not enough that ended with points on the scoreboard.

The highly competitive Over 50s competition was won Chris Davies & Chris Lloyd who beat Peter Boughton & Simon Woolfries 15-12. This final was still being played an hour after all other games had finished and it was attrition at its best! It was a tough game after both pairs had been forced to overcome both the ever obdurate Andrew Fraser & Neil Margerison and the effervescent James Caplin & Freddie Rowe. In the same group Mandie Barnes & Graham Pulsford engineered the first win for a mixed pair 15-14 (why make it easy!).

The Over 60s Competition for the Walters Cup was won by Anthony Wagg & Tim Best who beat Ronald Pattison & Tony Walters 15-9. Anthony Wagg was on top form and with Tim providing consistent support this was a clinical display. The longest match in this group was Richard Black & David Cooper against Peter Knowles & Jo Seelig – possibly due more to on court conversation and joviality than multi shot rallies but no one seemed to mind.

After Mark Williams had kindly presented the Cups to the winners (subtle hint here for the two Chris’s) the players retired to the Henry VI public house to relive the excitement of the day. Nick Bunyan seemed to recall more than most!

Note:- If you are over 40 you are eligible for these competitions

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