Aldenham Claim The Vargas Salver

John Troy reports:

04/03/19: The competition took place on Sunday 3rd March at Charterhouse. The three-pair competition for schools not playing in the Williams Cup attracted entries from Aldenham, Charterhouse, Cranleigh, Holyport College, Westway, and St Barthomew’s, Newbury.

As last year, the timing of the competition was impeccable, attracting the interest of Storm Freya who was due to arrive at about 1.00 pm. We started at 10.00 am and truncated the length by playing all matches to just one set, up to 12 points. We were able to finish by 2 pm., just before the heavy rain set in. The wind was getting up as we finished and justified the alteration of timing. 

Good fives was played at the top level and there were several close games in all. The winners of the team trophy were Aldenham who took home the Salver, as well as copies of A History of Eton Fives and a slab of fair trade chocolate. The top pair were Charterhouse, who had to manage with a ‘virtual’ trophy as the cup has yet to materialise, and a slab of chocolate. All pairs celebrated with a slab of chocolate.

Thanks go Dale Vargas, who presented the trophy for the second time, and Rob Morris, who did an impeccable job in keeping the matches moving. Charterhouse catering also did a tremendous job in keeping the players supplied with hot sandwiches and drinks throughout the competition.


1 Aldenham 13
2 = Charterhouse 12
2= Westway 12
4 Holyport 3
5 St Bart’s 4
6 Cranleigh 2

Top pair

Charterhouse 1

vargas salver 2019 001
vargas salver 2019 002
vargas salver 2019 003
vargas salver 2019 004
vargas salver 2019 005
vargas salver 2019 006
vargas salver 2019 007
vargas salver 2019 008
vargas salver 2019 009
vargas salver 2019 010
vargas salver 2019 011
vargas salver 2019 012
vargas salver 2019 013
vargas salver 2019 014
vargas salver 2019 015