May 2014: Ancient cup held at Westway for first time

John Reynolds reports:

The Old Citizens held the Adams Cup at the Westway on Sunday - with half a century spanning finalists' ages.

John Gee-Grant and Jonny Powell (in his 20s) won, beating Spencer Chapman and David Cooper (in his 70s) in a very close final.

The two Js clinched the title - which made it a second year in a row for John - with some first-class cutting and returns of cut against an inspired Spencer and astonishingly determined and agile David, who's somewhere in his mid-70s, for heaven's sake. Spencer and David grabbed an early lead but were clawed back as their energy, belief and luck ebbed. Either pair could have clinched it, but it was the younger pair who seized the day.

The OCEFC held the trophy (donated in the 1920s) at the Westway for the first time, as the club's usual home courts at Highgate were being refurbished.

Adams Cup debuts were made by guests Harriet Asquith, descendent of Citizen Herbert, and Karen Hird, who's current ladies national champion. They've been practising with the club regularly on Thursday evenings.

Some 19 players competed: Harriet Asquith, Spencer Chapman, Peter Chen, David Cooper, Rachel Douek, Nick Gill, Saeed Hatteea, Karen Hird, Mark George Jacobs, Ralph Morgan, Stephen Mullin, Alex Nice, Jonny Powell, John Reynolds, John Robinson, Dan Rose, Sam Packer, Mark Signy, Mark Stockton.

Beer and food were consumed in The Garden Bar afterwards.

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